Life breaks you down. Collagen 300™ is here to build you back up.

Collagen 300™features the smallest molecular collagen known to man, with Micro Molecular™ Technology Dalton size of 100-300.


Collagen 300™

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Skin, Hair, Nails

Support Bones, Muscles, Joints, Tendons and Ligaments

Support Digestive Health

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Supports Elevated Sports Performance

Support Healthier BMI

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After just 2 weeks of consuming 1 serving of Collagen 300™ per day, there were visible changes with softening of fine lines in the under eye area, visible lightened color in the dark circles under eye area as well as the nasal folds, and a reduction in pore size in the cheekbone area.

Look & feel your best with the unmatched, most scientifically advanced collagen formula, Collagen 300™. Award-winning collagen in the category of “Beauty from within.”

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found within the human body. It has a fiber-like structure and is used in the making of connective tissue that connects all major components within the body such as skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and more. Collagen provides structure, rigidity, and strength throughout 95% of the physical body, all while allowing for stretch and flexibility. (1)

As we age, our bodies gradually make less collagen, changing the tightly organized network of fibers into a disorganized loose network, making supplementation essential for those 25 years of age and older. (2)

Total-Body Approach

Collagen 300™ features intelligent Micro Molecular™ Technology and the most advanced, patented type 1 tripeptide marine collagen- Morikol®. Morikol provides a total-body approach to collagen supplementation. It is easy to absorb, requires no digestion and is highly bioavailable. (PDF 17, 19)

Skin, Hair, & Nails

Collagen 300™'s Morikol® yields clinical studies that show improved skin elasticity by 6 times, improved hydration by 3 times, reduced skin roughness by 2 times and minimized visible wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet by 10 times. (PDFs 15, 25, 31) Morikol® tripeptides have also been shown to protect the skin from the photo-aging effects of UV-B light. (3)(4)

Muscles, Joints, Bones, Tendons, and Ligaments

Collagen comprises about 60% of cartilage within joints. Collagen 300™ not only supports skin, hair and nails through collagen and elastin synthesis but supports joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. With proper collagen supplementation, it may improve joint mobility and decrease joint pain, especially for athletes and those with osteoarthritis. (5)(6)(7)

Additional Benefits

Lastly, enjoy the added benefits of supporting digestive health, cardiovascular health, and elevated sports performance with Collagen 300™.

Hero Ingredients

Morikol® Tripeptide Marine Collagen

Morikol® Tripeptide marine Collagen was NutraIngredient’s 2021 Award-Winning Ingredient of the Year: Beauty from Within. Morikol® is the most advanced, micro molecule, patented type 1 tripeptide marine collagen, providing a total-body approach to collagen supplementation. Collagen size is measured in daltons, a measure of molecular mass. Most collagen sources have a molecular mass of 3,000-20,000 Dalton. The larger the molecule, the harder it is to digest and utilize. Morikol has a targeted approach, providing 15% concentrate of the smallest tripeptides coming in at 100-300 Dalton, making Collagen 300™ the smallest molecular collagen supplement known to man. This Micro Molecular™Technology has 15 times better retention within the body, requires no digestion and is highly bioavailable. (PDF 17, 19)

Hyaluronic Acid®

A powerful antioxidant and a chief component of body tissues, hyaluronic acid has been shown to significantly improve parameters of skin health, particularly skin elasticity and moisture. It also plays a key role in cushioning and lubricating the body and is abundant in the eyes, joints, and heart valves. (8)(9)

Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals

Collagen 300™ delivers targeted amounts of specific vitamins and minerals to assist in collagen and elastin synthesis within the body. Powerful antioxidants such as buffered Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Biotin are potent antioxidants that stabilize collagen structure, scavenge for free radicals that damage skin and combat premature skin aging. You’ll also find Copper to fuel and stimulate the rebuilding of collagen and elastin and Zinc that serves as an antioxidant, providing incredible benefits for cell growth, collagen formation and wound healing. It also protects against UV damage. (10)(11)(12)


LipoZome™ is a custom blend of plant phospholipids that assist in the delivery, absorption and utilization of nutrients.


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