At Zallevo®, we exist to uplift people to their highest potential. We know that becoming our best selves is directly connected to our willingness to serve more. These featured Wellness Partners exemplify this vision, and we are proud to honor their achievements .


Kathi & Michael Horn
Founder & 2-Star Servant Leader

Kathi and Michael have earned this prestigious award through their dedication to helping others achieve greatness. They inspire our community and impact lives every day by sharing the Zallevo® Master Formulations™ and our rewarding business opportunity. Kathi & Michael believe in loving others and paying it forward by sharing Zallevo®. They have blazed a monumental trail, creating limitless opportunities for both families and individuals, for Wellness Partners and VIP customers.

Together, we are on a mission to empower exceptional individuals through our elite formulations and thriving community. Kathi and Michael live and breathe this mission. They lead by inspiration, humility, and commitment, proving that leadership blossoms when guided by clear vision and purpose.


Jill Birth-Iverson
Founder and 4-Star Servant Leader

Woman of the Year is awarded to an extraordinary woman with a remarkable character and a deep passion and commitment for Zallevo®. She leads with intention, heart, and grit, and she is on a mission to change lives physically and financially.

Jill goes all out with everything she does. She glows with a cheerful energy wherever she goes, and is a friend to everyone she meets. Her genuine nature and love for people is an inspiration to our Zallevo family. Jill is a visionary, a true servant leader, and our top income earner of 2020. She is living proof that the possibilities are endless, and that through servant leadership, you can change the world.


MaryLou Williams
Founder and Platinum Leader

This award exemplifies core values, determination, and commitment. It is dedicated to a leader who embodies the spirit of Zallevo. MaryLou embraces the Zallevo® vision, mission, and purpose. She lives and breathes our core values. She shows strength, resilience, gratitude and humility.

MaryLou leads with transparency and a heartfelt desire to bless others with optimal health and financial opportunity. We are truly inspired by her endless commitment to helping others fulfill their highest potential. There is much in store for MaryLou, and we are honored to be part of her journey.


This elite group of key field leaders serves behind-the-scenes to collaborate with Zallevo® corporate team as we continue to grow our incredible company. Their insight helps us develop cutting-edge master formulations, valuable business tools and resources, organize spectacular events and training, and much more.

Jill Birth-Iverson
Founder and 4-Star Servant Leader

Kathi & Michael Horn
Founder & 2-Star Servant Leader

Diann Bengtson
Founder & 2-Star Servant Leader

Marc & Jeannie Schulman
Founder & 2-Star Servant Leader

Robert & Joy Arthur
Founder & Platinum Leader


MaryLou Williams
Kathi & Michael Horn
Jill Birth-Iverson
Rafael & Chelsea Capitan
Melissa & Daniel Stokes
Vickee & Samuel Barker
Tatiana Jimenez
Diann Bengtson
Gayle McAllister
Kc & Amanda Lunt
Angel Whitmire & James Leonhardt
Sheryl Booth
Ryan Williams
Sandy Ellis
Larry & Geri Newton
Jim & Kathy Rhoades
Jonathan & Rommy Rhoades
Marc & Jeannie Schulman
Ben Tripp
Kathy & Rich Zahn
Gary & Cindy Talley
Robert & Joy Arthur
Sarah Trevino
Udana Power
Terry Lewis
Kristi Childress
Norman Hargrove
Sandi Lyn Tomlinson
Carol Henderson
Cooper Childress
Sara Goggin Young
Christy Anchikoski
Kimberly Cozzens
Julie Lozano
Rebecca Freudigman
Cara Thorpe
Robert & Sandy Price
Gerri & David Hinton
Heidi Grazzini

These individuals have etched their names in Zallevo® history through their dedication, hard work, excellence in leadership, and commitment to growth. From the beginning, they have demonstrated what it means to lead by example and inspire others to reach their own success, earning them a lasting and unique place in the history of our Zallevo® community.