Why We're Here

Our purpose is to provide elite formulations and uplift people to their highest potential.



Derived from the Latin words "Allevo" and "Zenith" which have a combined meaning of:

  1. The time in one’s life of greatest power and success.
  2. To elevate, to rise up, to uplift and enhance.
  3. To elevate people to their highest potential.

Our Mission

As a pillar of strength in people’s lives, we inspire and empower individuals to live their best life with greater health, wealth, and happiness. We do this through innovative formulations, rewarding business opportunities, uplifting support systems, and a thriving purpose-driven community.

Our Leadership Team

Brandon Broadwater
Founder & CEO

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Marc Andrus
Chief Financial Officer

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Dave Taylor
Global VP of Sales & Field Development

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Angel Brockbank
VP of Brand Partner & Customer Experience

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What We Believe

We believe in the core values of Greatness, Valiant, Gratitude, Love, Build Trust, Mastery, Ownership, Innovation, Optimism, Be Believing, Fun, and to be a Force For Good.